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  1. BLING for Unisex

    BLING is for one who’s bold individualistic, confident, opinionated and head strong. A person who is into a professional/work environment. one wants to make a statement and make their presence felt even in a crowd.
  2. SOLACE for Unisex

    SOLACE is a beautifully balanced fragrance that captures the spirit of youth, self-indulgence and glamour.
  3. QAFIYA 1 for unisex

    Crafted for taste that reflects the region, Qafiya 01 is a unisex fragrance aimed for use during the day.
  4. QAFIYA 2 for unisex

    A unisex fragrance designed to enhance your evenings, Qafiya 02 is a unique blend of the flavours all around you.
  5. QAFIYA SPORT for unisex QAFIYA SPORT for unisex

    QAFIYA SPORT for unisex

    Qafiya Sport is a unisex fragrance which aim to attract the out going members of the community.

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5 Item(s)